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Tuesday 23 July ,  2024
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Gujarat ...
Gujarat is located on the mid-west coast of Indian sub-continent bordered by Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan states, and Pakistan in the northwest. There is a Arabian Sea lapping on the western frontier of Gujarat state. The state Gujarat was formed in 1960.

Gujarat has always been at the centre stage of Indian economy and lifestyle. Gujarat is the land of vibrant colors and there are lots of enormous opportunities, which are known worldwide for her warmth, enterprise and business acumen. Gujarat is the homeland of father of nation "Mahatma Gandhi" and Iron men "Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel" who gave the message of peace and non-violence, inter-religious amity and liberal humanism to this world. The people of Gujarat are always been known for their spirit of enterprise and commercial acumen, which led them to all corners of the world, not only in search of business, but also for professional and academic opportunities.

Before formation of Gujarat state, it was dependent on textile and textile auxilaries and that too, concentrated around major centers like Ahemdabad, Baroda, Surat and Rajkot. As Gujarities are having spirit of enterprising therefore they were supported by the enthusiastic, and pragmatic approach of Government of Gujarat in form of sound strategic planning and consistent and positive policy initiatives.

Gujarat is India's one of the most industrialized state, having presence on the global industrial map since 18th century with its long standing trade links with Europe, the Middle-East and African countries.

Geographically, Gujarat total area is 1,96,024 square kilometers. In Gujarat the maximum temperature goes upto 45.5 degree C during May in summer, and minimum temperature goes upto 1.5 degrees C during January in winters. Highest rainfall was measured during June 1992 to May 1993 and that was 653 milimeters.

Gujarat is known for its culture as well. In Gujarat there are four different type of groups of people - they are Jats, Ahi, Raris and Meval, who came to inhabit Gujarat at different points of time and now form the majority in Gujarat.

There are lots of tourist places in Gujarat. This is the only home of Asiatic Lions. Outside Africa, Gujarat is the only natural habitat of lions. Gir National Park in southwest part of the state covers only the part of lion's habitat. Besides lions, the other big cat can be found in the state are Panthers. Panthers are spread across large plains of Saurashtra and mountains of South Gujarat

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