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Friday 21 June ,  2024
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Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh ...
Madhay Pradesh is a newly formed state after independence in 1947 and a central part of India. In the year 2002, the new state of Chhattisgarh was formed by subdividing the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh is a combination of numerous small states, although it could not attract the tourists, but actually there are numerous places of tourist attraction, spread all over the state. There are National Tiger Pars, Historical Places of Mughal Empire, Maratha Empire, famous religious places Ujjain and Omkareshwar. Afghaw places of Mandu and many more places like Kanha Kisli, Bandhavgarh, Bagh Caves, Gwalior Fort, Sakhya Sagar of Shivpuri, Temples of Khajuraho etc.

Mughal's were ruling over Madhya Pradesh from 1556 to 1605 during the reign of the emperor Akbar. Mahakoshal and Gondwana was under the control of Gond kings, who acknowledged Mughal supremacy but enjoyed virtual autonomy.

After the death of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1707 Mughal control began to weaken, and the Marathas began to expand from their base in central Maharashtra. Marathas took control on most of Madhya Pradesh between 1720 and 1760 and clans were established semi-autonomous states under the nominal control of the Maratha Peshwa. On Malwa region, the Holkars of Indore, and the Bhonsles from Nagpur dominated Mahakoshal and Gondwana as well as Vidarbha in Maharashtra.

Maratha general founded Jhansi. Bhopal was ruled by a Muslim dynasty descended from the Afghan General Dost Mohammed Khan. Maratha expansion was checked at the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761.

State Madhya Pradesh was founded in the year 1950 (after independence) from the former British Central Provinces and Berar and the princely states of Makrai and Chhattisgarh, with Nagpur as the capital of the state. The new states of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh, and Bhopal were formed out of the Central India Agency. Finally, in 1956, the states of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh, and Bhopal were completely merged into Madhya Pradesh and this is how the state formed. Bhopal became the new capital of the Madhya Pradesh.

In November 2000, the southeastern portion of the state split off to form the new state of Chhattisgarh.

Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.
Paryatan Bhavan, Bhadbhada Road
Bhopal 462 003. INDIA.
Fax: +91-755-2779476/2774289.

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