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Today's Special Dish
Special Dish
Chicken Biryani [NonVeg] 219 Views
Simple Sauteed Spinach [Veg] 7 Views
Gur Ki Kheer [Veg] 24 Views
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Recipe From our Chef's Desk...
Chef's Special
   Mocha Cooler [Veg] 92 Views
   Kalakand [Veg] 10 Views
   Citrus Khus Cooler [Veg] 32 Views
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Top Five Recipe's of this month
Choccolate Truffle Truffles 61  Views
Basundi 81  Views
Gatte Ka Pulav 50  Views
Fish with Tomatoes 54  Views
Chicken Biryani 219  Views
Singhare Ki Poori 4  Views
Singhare Ki Poori 5  Views
Singhare Ki Poori 10  Views
Singhare Ki Poori 8  Views
Singhare Ki Poori 26  Views
Singhare Ki Poori 239  Views
Singhare Ki Poori 236  Views
Singhare Ki Poori 261  Views
Singhare Ki Poori 8  Views
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Nutritious Tandoori Rotis 64 Views
Chicken Biryani 219 Views
Fish with Tomatoes 54 Views
Gatte Ka Pulav 50 Views
Basundi 81 Views
Choccolate Truffle Truffles 61 Views
Spinach Cheese Rice 68 Views
Pomegranate Spritzers 20 Views
Pudina zatka 55 Views
Samosa 61 Views
Aate Ka Halwa 19 Views
Mawa Penda 44 Views
Citrus Khus Cooler 32 Views
Corn Chips With Salsa 24 Views
Guave Spritzer 18 Views
Hariyali Chawal 72 Views
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