Dhuni Pani

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Dhuni Pani - Amarkantak (Madhya Pradesh)

In Amarkantak, Dhuni Pani is a natural Hot Water Spring. As Amarkantak is a place of supreme importance in the Indian Mythology, and religion is integrally associated with Amarkantak. Dhuni Pani is also vital because it is a very important pilgrim spot in India, and people from the all over India, visits here at prime of life in order to gain the blessings of the Almighty God, so that they get relief from the pains of living and that their pangs do not creep along with their souls when they leave this world. Therefore, visit to the place without knowing that Lord Shiva and his daughter Narmada once used to stay here is futile. The origin of the life giving river Narmada is related to this story.