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Hi Friends, today i am dedicating this blog to my Chachaji, who expired yesterday….but even before that i would like to express my gratefulness to one of my favourite poeple online…Muktadhara Ray……

Hey Mukta…i want to let you know that it is because of you that i am blogging today after i saw ur comment on my blogpost…in fact u have been the reason for my last blog too….i genuinely appreciate your concern and the effort you make to ask about my whereabouts when i diosappear more than too often from the blogging scene…thanks buddy…..i remember when i wrote my first blog on the insistence of my hubby, you were the first person who left a comment…and i must confess….i quite liked the fact that my blog was appreciated and above all understood….i dontthink i would have written anything for the next few days..had u not been thoughtful even to ask about me….only wish i could return this hand of friendship somehow which has been held out in the dark since u refuse to add any to your current list….anyways…i wish you well…and will be there in case i am ever needed by you…

Coming back to the subject…this blog is dedicated to my favourite chachu…who left us for his heavenly abode yesterday….i have read and heard great stories of people and their oh-so-close ties with their relatives…however mine’s a bit different but worth its weight in gold…

Of whatever i can remember of my chachu…all my chilhdhood memories seem to have him there….inspite of the fact that my father being in a tranferable job..there was not much socialising we could afford with our near and dear ones…even then….he was there…in all our achievements and accomplishments…i remember him lauding us, praising us and encouraging us( me and bro)…he was the most cheerful person i have ever met in my whole life…no matter where we would be…we would always keep hearing about him from dad…and got to see him more often around the time we were in high school…

I have no great things to say about the relationship i shared with him…in fact i dont think i ever made the effort to be in touch with him…although he lived only a mere 20 kms away…not even when i moved home closer to where he was…now some 5 kms away…we spoke in ages…whenever we met by chance…at dad’s place or otherwise….but whenever i met him…he was his usual self…loving and cheerful…

Now when i think of it…out of all our relatives…it now seems…he was the closest….for he always made us feel wanted and loved…..he was always the good younger brother to dad…i was always told.."You are my Most favourite niece"….and now hes gone….and at his funeral i heard more stories of his compassion and how he had been of help to almost all the people who knew him…WOW..what a man….only wish i had spent more time with him……

I want to take this opportunity to remind each one of us….go ahead and SHOW YOU CARE SHOWER YOUR LOVE…on all you really care about…before its too late…

And for you Chachu….I wish the Lord has kept you in peace…and i want you to know…."You will always remain MY favourite"……Love you…forever.

Originally Written/Posted By : Sachin Deo
Posted on: 2008-09-20
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