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IN A shocking revelation, it is said that Jade Goody from UK, one of the participants in Bigg Boss Season 2, has been diagnosed with cervical cancer, thereby leading to her untimely exit from the show that went on air on Colors channel on Sunday, August 17. She had a few tests in UK before coming to be a part of Bigg Boss show and those tests did reveal some problems.

This news has been confirmed through reports published in a leading daily in UK. Before leaving for India, Goody had undergone tests for the same, but didn’t stop herself from coming to India with an aim to clear the racial remarks on her. She said what India has seen is a very small part of what happened at the Big Brother show and wanted to prove that she was not bad as projected in the media.

According to the reports, Goody was called in the diary room, where this news was disclosed to her, after which she spoke to her agent and then her consultant in the UK. The 27-year-old Goody burst into tears, ran out and disclosed this news to the housemates amidst tears. She was completely devastated of the outcome. Goody immediately withdrew herself from the show in Mumbai and will be headed to London for treatment. She is expected to see another consultant in England for a second opinion. This was a very big jolt for the organisers of the show and the channel.

Goody came to limelight worldwide in 2007 for her alleged racial remarks against Indian film actress and now the host of Bigg Boss Season 2, Shilpa Shetty in UK’s Big Brother show. Later, she apologised for her behaviour after the entire population in UK turned against her and tried to be friends with Shilpa. Goody’s untimely and sad withdrawal from the show is sure to have a big impact on the show. Let us hope that she comes out victorious in her fight against cancer.

Originally Written/Posted By : Vipul Desai
Posted on: 2008-08-19
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Comments Posted By : Kiran Datta
Posted on : 2008-08-19
This is really shocking news. As we know she was our guest in India, but unfortunately whatever happened. Its all luck. Any ways...
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