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Rain usually makes your wardrobe stink.

Wet weather can risk your favourite outwear and accessories.

Here are some tips to rainproof your wardrobe and accessories in the wet season:-

Cotton fabrics are the best for monsoon season as it dries up fast and is comfortable to wear.

You can also choose to wear synthetic clothes and other fabrics that dry quickly.

Avoid wearing heavy materials like silks and jute apparels

# Avoid long, flowing skirts and trousers. Knee-length skirts and capris are the best option for this season. Go for half sleeves or sleeveless and frilly, flowing clothes.

# While washing, always segregate your clothes. Ensure that light colours like pastels, whites and dark clothes are washed separately.

# These days most of the white garments contain optical whiteners to give them the desired whiteness.

# Drying them in the sun will turn them yellow or grey. Therefore, always line-dry them in the shade.

# Never twist delicate fabrics like chiffon and crepe to squeeze out water.

# Formal wear for men has always been trousers whatever the season may be, and the slush in the streets during the monsoon means that mud stains are unavoidable.
Just a quick care can avoid these spotted stains.

# Brush it with water and hard detergent before you putting the pants in the washing machine.
Ensure that you wash off the stains within 20-30 minutes. For further information on how to get rid of mud stains.

# Avoid wearing denims in rainy season as it takes at least 3- 4 days to dry.

# You can make your clothes smell fresh by adding scented waters (such as lavender water) to an iron and on steam setting, gently waft over the clothing.
Its is a great method to get rid of stinking clothes in monsoon.

Protecting Your Accessories

# Put all your leather bags and shoes away this season.

# Dry the shoes before putting them in the cabinet. Avoid drying them in direct sunlight.
The best method is to squeeze out the water with your hand and then leave them to dry under the fan.

# Use wax shoe polish instead of the roll-ons during the monsoon as it repels the water and prevents shoe damage.

# Fashion experts advice to wear comfortable socks during monsoon.
Though they get soaked, it"s better than not wearing any as it acts as a barrier between the skin and the wet shoes.
Research states that direct contact of leather with the skin can cause bacterial growth.

# Go for metallic, stones or plastic fashion accessories ( it may be anything, earrings, bracelets, necklace...etc).

Avoid accessories with wooden beads as it takes long time to dry if wet.

# Ensure the handbags that you use are waterproof.

Large, functional bags are in fashion this season.

Go for large bags with pockets on the outside, as it offers ample space to stuff all you need from paperwork, umbrellas, windcheaters to your daily makeup kit.

Avoid handbags that cannot be clasped or zipped or shut completely.

Last but not the least, make sure the straps of the handbag do not hang lower than your elbow.
Originally Written/Posted By : Reena Shah
Posted on: 2008-08-19
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