» How to “Create a Trip Planner” ?  
  Click on “Select Category” and select any one category.
For example “Animal Kingdom”.
  Now, select the name of City / Destination / Town from where you want to start your journey.
For example “Ernakulam”.
  Now, select Starting Date and Ending Date of journey (if you are sure about the dates) by selecting Day, Month, and Year.
For example Starting date: “10 January 2007” and Ending date: “20 January 2007”.
  If you are not sure about the dates, then move your mouse on “click here” and then click. Instead of dates, you can select Month and also type the number of days you are planning to travel.
For example “Month: January and Days: 10”.
  Now, type the Name of Trip Planner, under which you want to store all the details about your journey to travel.
For example “India Wildlife”.
  Now, Type Description of the Trip Planner, which will be the Tag of your Trip Planner as well.
For example “My adventurous journey for Indian Wildlife”
  After entering all relevant data, you have to select “Private” or “Public”. If you are selecting “Private”, then the Basket and the contents of the basket are not visible to any other registered subscriber in this section. If you are selecting “Public”, then the particular Basket and the contents are visible to the registered subscribers.  
  At the last when all the activities are over, click on SUBMIT button to store your Trip Planner.  
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