» Exploring selected Destination(s)  
  Once you are done with Trip Planner, next to the list of Trip Planners, you will observe that the selected final list of destinations is shown, followed by [+] sign.  
  Click on [+] sign to explore (maximize) destination.  
  Once it is explore, the [+] sign will be converted into [-] sign and it will show the icons for How to Reach, Where to Stay, Things to do, Date Planner, and My Experience.  
  If you click on [-] sign, then it will minimize and all the icons will disappear.  
  View Sites in the destination…  
To see how many tourist sites are available in the destination, click on [View Site] button.
A popup will appear, showing all the sites of selected category, while creating Trip Planner.
To delete any site, first of all flag on the sight and then click on [Delete Site].
To add any new site, click on [Add More Sites]. A list of new sites appears in the popup. Flag on any site and then click [Add Site]. This is how the new site will be added in your Trip Planner.
  Delete destination…  
If you want to delete any destination from the final list, click on [Delete] button. The destination will get deleted permanently.
How to Reach? Where to Stay? Things to do Date Planner Day Planner Travel Experience
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